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13 Mar

Paper on content analysis in era of Big Data published

My paper with Seth C Lewis and Rodrigo Zamith on approaches to researching Big Data has been published in the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media.

Content Analysis in an Era of Big Data: A Hybrid Approach to Computational and Manual Methods is in a special edition of the journal examining the conceptual, political, and practical aspects of emerging methods for digital media research.

Our paper outlines how we leveraged computational methods to magnify what a small set of coders could accomplish in their analysis of Andy Carvin’s tweets related to the Egyptian uprising.

We explain that while computational methods present enticing solutions to research into Big Data, they may be insufficient on their own.

Instead we advance a hybrid approach to analysing Big Data, combining computational and manual approaches in order to get the most out of the precision of algorithms and the context-sensitive evaluations of human coders.

A separate paper on our findings, Sourcing the Arab Spring: A Case Study of Andy Carvin’s Sources on Twitter During the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions is due to be published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication.


15 Feb

New social media course featured by UBC

Alfred Hermida and Paul Cubbon (UBC Reports_

Mark Mushet Photograph

My new social media course is featured in the latest issue of UBC Reports.

The course is the first collaboration between the Graduate School of Journalism and the Sauder School of Business.

It brings together journalism and commerce students to work on client projects with media partners such as the Vancouver Sun, Global BC and CBC Music.

I’m co-teaching the course with marketing instructor, Paul Cubbon, so students get both a journalism and business perspective on social media.

UBC Reports quotes the view of Ceilidh MacLeod, a fourth-year Sauder student, after the first day of class:

Many people who work in a social media position often got there through experiential learning, not necessarily provided through their education. This course allows me and my peers to fast track that trial-by-error phase, and become prepared for job opportunities that require familiarity with content creation, branding and experience with relevant tools.

The course was supported by a UBC Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF) grant.

31 May

Keynote on social media at BEA Canada annual conference

Beyond Broadcast: How Social Media is Shaping What We Know

Reaction to my keynote at BEAC annual conference, Ottawa, May 25 2012

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Alfred @hermida begins his keynote address at #BEAC2012
@Hermida says we're in an age of media abundance, with pros competing with their own viewers. #beac12Loyalist TVNM
Alfred Hermida's keynote address on social media & journalism was thought-provoking and informative. #BEAC2012
Hermida: people are relying on their social networks to get the info they need to know. #beac12Loyalist TVNM
Hermida: Social media: word-of-mouth on steroids. #beac12Loyalist TVNM
Social Media=word of mouth on steroids-Alfred Hermida @BEACanada conference in OttawaAlana Gieck
Hermida- if it is news, it will find me!!! #beac12Jim Carr
Hermida: social media shatters the hourglass model of content access and distribution. #beac12Loyalist TVNM
Hermida: unspoken idea that if there's something I need to know, the news will find me via social networking. #beac12Loyalist TVNM
Hermida: social media removes constraints by which you receive your news. #beac12Loyalist TVNM
Hermida: social media and journalism -- takes a community's life and makes it public. We provide that opportunity. #beac12Loyalist TVNM
Question and Answer period continues with Alfred @Hermida.
BEAC IN OTTAWA. Keynote speaker, Alfred Hermida on social media... Can't wait for his book! @BEACanadaLaurel-Ann Hardie
@hermida. Great social media talk! #BeacJulie McCann
@hermida great lecture on social media! #BEACDan Mellon
@Hermida Great presentation today at the #BEAC conference! Thank you!Dan Mellon