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The Conversation Canada reach
Global reach of The Conversation Canada

A year ago, the first articles were published on The Conversation Canada.

The non-profit, co-founded by my UBC colleague Mary Lynn Young and myself, is one of a handful of national journalism startups launched in Canada since the turn of the century.

The launch in June 2017 marked two years of research and planning to bring the unique model of The Conversation to Canada, combining the best of the worlds of the academy and journalism.

From the start, one of the key aims was to increase the reach, visibility and impact of Canadian academic expertise. A year in, the site has published just under 900 articles by academics from universities across Canada, with more than 13 million reads.

A key reason behind the reach of The Conversation Canada is the ability of media to republish for free any article under a Creative Commons license.

Articles have been published in leading Canadian outlets such as the Toronto Star, National Post, Global News and Maclean’s. But they have also reached beyond Canada’s borders, with articles appearing in the Washington Post, Quartz, the Guardian, the Daily Mail and Scroll.in.

The publishing model of The Conversation is able to amplify academic expertise and reach audiences who might otherwise not be exposed to the articles. Canada is part of a global network of Conversations, with Spain the latest country to launch – a year to the date after Canada.

As The Conversation Canada enters its second year, it is a ray of light in a turbulent media landscape in Canada, as noted by its editor Scott White.

My deepest thanks to all who have contributed to the success of The Conversation Canada.

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