Paper on reporting via social media accepted by Journalism Practice

I am delighted that a study on the journalistic practice of Andy Carvin co-authored Elvira Garcia de Torres has been accepted for publication by Journalism Practice.

The paper, The Social Reporter in Action: An Analysis of the Practice and Discourse of Andy Carvin, is due to be included in a special issue of the journal.

Here is the abstract for the paper:

This study analyzed journalist Andy Carvin’s live coverage on Twitter along with his discourse on journalism and social reporting. Carvin was chosen as the subject for study as he is perhaps the most prominent example of the practice of journalism based on emerging techniques of collaborative verification, transparency and co-creation. A textual analysis of 3188 tweets published by the journalist between 11/11/14 and 21/01/15 was conducted to investigate into his techniques, particularly in terms of verification and crowdsourcing. The elements of journalism in Carvin’s discourse and practice are discussed following Kovach and Rosenstiel’s work on the essential principles for journalism practice. Findings suggest that a social media journalist can integrate both collaborative reporting and established journalistic values of accuracy, trust and verification, with the community acting as a distributed and networked newsroom. Results show the use of specific and effective techniques to overcome misinformation and serve as a trusted node in the network. This study contributes to the emerging body of work that addresses how journalistic practice is evolving and adapting in networked and shared media environments, where the journalist plays a vital role as a mediator of information, but as one of many voices.

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