Tell Everyone now available in paperback

Tell EveryoneI’m delighted to share the news that the paperback edition of my award-winning book, Tell Everyone: Why We Share and Why It Matters, has just been published.

Winner of the 2015 National Business Book Award, it is an essential read for anyone trying to make sense of social media, from protest movements such as #BlackLivesMatter to the rise of Facebook as a source for news to the power of social selling.

Published by Anchor Canada, the paperback is available is all good bookstores and on Amazon globally.

What the critics are saying:

“Delivers fascinating insights … wonderfully clear eyed about contemporary culture… As Hermida moves from topic to topic – politics, marketing, revolutions, labour unrest, etc. – he delivers many similarly thought-provoking insights.” The Globe and Mail

“This thoughtful and often amusing social history of social media shows how the abundance of information available today affects how we understand and give context to world events . . . [This] book succeeds by using real-life examples — from Tahrir Square to Anthony Weiner’s sexting mishap.” Toronto Star

“Tell Everyone is an easy read with lots of takeaways…one of the first books to successfully explain the sharing logic of social media.” Digital Journalism

“A remarkable book characterized by smart insights, a lively narrative and impressive research.”

“An excellent analysis of how social media is changing social and media dynamics.” John Stackhouse, former editor-in-chief of The Globe and Mail

Join the readers on Goodreads raving about Tell Everyone: 
“An excellent read for both those who embrace social media, and those who look down on it. Loved it.” Sean
“Required reading for anyone who uses social media, which is just about everyone these days, at least under the age of 40 or 50.” Lynn
“Well worth checking out.” Lianne
“Really enjoying this book.” Lola



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