Nieman Lab prediction for 2015

In December, I was invited to contribute to Nieman Lab’s predictions for 2015. My article looked at the re-emergence of the bundling of news.

I argued that in a world of seemingly infinite news and information, the concept of bundling the news is enjoying a renaissance:

The bundle is dead; long live the bundle. But this isn’t the familiar 20th-century package of paper and ink. It’s a bundle that lives as code, often assembled by other bits of code, and almost invariably run by people who write code, not words.

The bundle used to be that daily paper delivered to the doorstep. The newspaper evolved as a collection of the important and the worthy alongside the amusing and entertaining, mixed in with display ads and classifieds. As a physical delivery system, it’s a historical artifact of the technology, audience, and business of a particular time.

The article highlights how the bundle of today not just by journalists, but by technology companies, devices and software engineers”

The news is being packaged in four broad ways: by apps, devices, social signals, and algorithms. As more and more people get their news on mobile devices, apps are one of the entries into news, with the stories curated or aggregated by people or algorithms. Many of these apps are from companies who are not in the news business, such as Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp. But news is part of the mix of the important, amusing, and mundane on these services — news is incidental to the main reason for using these services and apps.

Read more at Nieman Lab.

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