JEAA keynote on verifying information on social media

The slides and audio from my keynote at the Journalism Education Association of Australia annual conference on December 3, 2013, in Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia.

When facts are fluid: Emerging best practices to verify information on social media

Abstract: Journalists have always had to balance the need to be fast with the need to be right. The explosion in material from the audience, coupled with the speed and reach of social media, has placed strains on the traditional verification practices. Politicians and celebrities are prematurely declared dead. Terror suspects are misidentified. These are the times when reliable providers of information are most valuable, given the surfeit of speculation, rumour and opinion on social media. Journalists have traditionally filled this role as verification has been at the core of journalism. This talk outlines best practices in social media verification, providing a toolkit to teach the journalists of tomorrow how to make sense the torrents of tweets.

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