Everything you wanted to know about Twitter and journalism, but were afraid to ask

My overview paper for Digital Journalism on the research on Twitter and journalism has been published, first online.

The paper, #Journalism: Reconfiguring journalism research about Twitter, one tweet at a time, assesses the state of research into the intersection between Twitter, journalists and the news.

The abstract provides a flavour of the paper:

Scholarship about social media in general, and Twitter in particular, has increased dramatically in recent years as adoption by individuals and institutions has burgeoned; especially by journalists and media organisations. Much of the journalism research on Twitter has focused on the dynamics of professional news practices on the social media platform, with journalism considered as a cultural field of production. This paper considers Twitter as a networked communication space that results in a hybridity of old and new frames, values and approaches. It highlights research that points to the hybrid and innovative forms of news production on open, networked platforms, suggesting new paradigms of journalism at play that break with classic narrative structures and deviate from long-held and fiercely defended norms.

The Author’s Accepted Manuscript of the article published in Digital Journalism, 21 June 2013, is available on my Academia.edu profile.


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