Doubleday Canada to publish my new book, Tell Everyone

I’m delighted to announce that Doubleday Canada will be publishing my new book, Tell Everyone: How the Stories We Share Shape What We Know and Why It Matters.

The book charts how our enhanced capacity to share information via social media is transforming what we know and how we know it. It examines at how sharing is shaping our notions of an informed and engaged public, a media ecology of competing ideas, and a responsive political establishment.

Tell Everyone shows us how to thrive at a time when our vastly expanded ability to share has given individuals much greater power to influence what is published, changed the way people organize, challenged institutional control of information and transformed how companies connect with customers. If we can see clearly what drives the way we communicate today, we will be infinitely better equipped to make smarter decisions.

In Tell Everyone, I am aiming to equip readers to plot a course through the chaotic, boisterous and partisan media ecosystem by helping them how to understand, manage and use today’s constant torrent of news and information.

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