Preview of chapter on social media in journalism

A preview of my chapter on the impact of social media on journalism for the Handbook of Global Online Journalism is available on Google books.

The chapter, Social Journalism: How Social Media is Shaping Journalism, provides an overview of the use of social media in gathering, reporting and recommending the news. A substantial portion of the chapter is available, though some pages are excluded from the preview.

I conclude by writing:

The significance of social media lies less in current services and tools and more in how these networked, asynchronous, distributed, and always-on systems enable dynamic interactions that exalt participation over publication, collaboration over individual authorship, sharing over selfishness, and fluidity over stability. Within journalism, new genres are emerging as newsrooms incorporate social media services into daily routines, from live blogging to crowdsourced investigations. Just as social media is reshaping journalism, journalists are themselves engaged in forming and shaping norms of acceptable, and accepted, professional practice of social media.

The book, edited by Eugenia Siapera and Andreas Veglis, is published by Wiley-Blackwell and is out in August 2012.

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