Nominated as Canada’s top social media maven

I’m honoured to have nominated as Canada’s top social media maven in the 2011 Digi Awards.

Also up for the award are Erica Ehm, who set up the online magazine, and YouTube personality Nadine Sykora.

The winners will be announced on December 6th at the finale of nextMEDIA Toronto, one of Canada’s leading digital media conference.

The social media maven award recognizes “medialites that demonstrate innovation in creating and connecting online communities.”

It goes on to explain that  “the top Canadian social media mavens will have demonstrated leadership in the field, skillfully using social tools to bring in likes, check-ins, tweets, and more to deliver an unparalleled level of community engagement.”

The Digi Awards, formerly known as the Canadian New Media Awards, are described as“Canada’s premier showcase of the remarkable digital media companies, projects, products and pioneers that are placing Canada at the forefront of the international mediascape”.

The Canadian New Media Awards were founded in 1998 as Canada’s first nationwide platform recognizing the achievements of the fast-developing digital media landscape. They were rebranded last year as the Digi Awards.

The Digi Awards are organized by Achilles Media.

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