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I’ve just heard that has won a Best Blog award at the Canadian Online Publishing Awards in Toronto.

It is an honour to be recognised as among the best in online media in Canada.

My wife, Rachel Nixon, picked up the award for me

I would like to thank the judges, drawn from highly respected industry professionals and experts from Canada and the U.S., for the recognition.

Two other projects that I supervised at the UBC Graduate School of Journalism were also nominated for awards in the best video and best community feature.

A heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and nominees who are evidence of the strength and vibrancy of the online media community in this country. won in the business-to-business, professional association, farm and scholarly division.

The three posts entered for the award were:

I created when I joined the UBC Graduate School of Journalism in mid-2006, after 16 years at BBC News.

However, I first started blogging in January 2004, seeing blogs as a way to share and discuss ideas in a conversational and informal style. During my time at the BBC, I was the first BBC live blogger in 2006.

For academics, blogs offer a way to do what is known in the jargon as “knowledge mobilisation,” defined in Wikipedia as “putting available knowledge into active service to benefit society”.

Through blogging, academics can provide a window in their work, engage with readers, and make their research accessible to a broad audience.

I still write papers for scholarly journals and contribute to academic books. But I see blogging as part of my as an academic role to provide new ways of looking and understanding our world, to use the new technologies to experiment with ways of sharing and engaging with a range of publics.

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