Teaching social media in the classroom

PBS Mediashift is running a special series called Beyond J-School, taking an in-depth look at journalism education in the digital age.

The series was kicked off by a piece I wrote on how to teach social media at journalism schools:

Students use social media in their daily lives, with Facebook an almost permanent fixture on the computer screen. Yet they tend not to think about social media as part of their professional toolkit as journalists.

If anything, anecdotal evidence suggests that students are resistant to adopting social media, seeing it as a personal activity, rather than as part of their work as a journalist. The pressure is on educators to demonstrate the professional value of social media.

The article looks at how journalism professors are incorporating social media in the curriculum within an academic environment where the pace of change is slow. It includes practical examples of how educators are engaging with students.

The full piece is available on PBS Mediashift.

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