Canadian Music Wiki project goes live

I am very pleased to announce the successful launch of the Canadian Music Wiki.

The site is the result of a partnership between CBC Radio 3 and the UBC Graduate School of Journalism,which gave recent grad Amanda Ash a unique opportunity to research and develop on wiki over the past eight months.

Since the wiki went live in May, it has received more 14,000 page views and has more than 2,300 wiki pages. It has been featured in major daily newspapers including the Vancouver Sun and the Edmonton Journal, as well as music magazines such as Exclaim!

The project came out of a idea by CBC Radio 3 director Steve Pratt and myself to set up a user-generated online music encyclopedia.

The wiki aims to be the most comprehensive online resource on Canadian music and related topics, with contributions from artists, fans and media professionals. Since it uses wiki software, just about every any page can be edited by anyone at any time.

We are grateful for the financial support provided by MITACS Accelerate.

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  1. Music is one of those things that, whether you’re into Broken Social Scene or the Crash Test Dummies or Shania Twain or even Justin Bieber (the hair, the hair, we get it), people tend to feel strongly about

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