“The New Journalist” book published

The book, The New Journalist: Roles, Skills and Critical Thinking, has been published.

The volume is edited by Paul Benedetti, Tim Currie, and Kim Kierans includes a chapter from me, “New Challenges for Journalism in the 21st Century.”

In the chapter, I argue:

The emergence and uptake of digital, networked technologies in the late 20th and early 21st century have resulted in the development of the Internet as a platform for the production and consumption of news. This chapter examines the challenges facing established media, which has tended to transfer its journalistic culture to digital media, rather than rethinking established routines and conventions. It draws from studies in new media and in new literacies to suggest that new technologies, new rules and new skillsets create a new conceptual framework for journalism. The new journalist needs to learn and understand how news and information works in a digital world, instead of simply applying established norms and practices that may no longer be effective in communicating.

The book is available to order from Emond Montgomery Publications.

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